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Who are you?

It’s an essential question that often comes up after difficult changes or unsettling events. Even positive changes can leave you sleepless or rattle your self-confidence. And once your confidence starts to wane, it’s easy to spiral into negative self-talk and bad decision-making. Maybe it’s time to start your transformation.

Re-stabilize your core

Whether it’s focusing on your strengths or discovering or revisiting your values, getting yourself back onto a firm foundation will allow you to emerge into a more confident version of yourself. And it will allow you to make decisions that reflect those strengths and values rather than reacting to the things going on around you.

Since 2014, I’ve worked with clients like you to transform frustrations into opportunities to excel at work and restore harmony at home.

The outcomes speak for themselves. My clients report that they understand themselves more deeply, appreciate their strengths more fully, and carry themselves with greater confidence.

They experience secondary benefits such as improved communication skills and a clear perspective on the harmonious co-existence of life and work. They also report they feel at ease being themselves.

Live transformed!

Together, we can renew your spirit, mind, and body by exploring new possibilities for the future. We can challenge limitations and shift your beliefs about yourself. And once you tap into those possibilities and beliefs, we can create a future you’ll be eager to pursue.

Your transformation is my mission. Let’s get started so you can do what you do, better!

What my clients say…

Getting Unstuck

Brad’s insightful questions, curious and caring demeanor, and continued focus on what I wanted and needed in coaching were immensely helpful in getting me unstuck in some key areas of business development.

Peg Warren, PhD, WPCC
Know Bounds

Discovery, Support, Progress

Brad offered me support to understand my situation, and he spoke clearly and quietly to encourage me into my own discovery and to find solutions I was seeking.

Shann Carr

Priorities and Values Aligned

Brad’s motivational, results-driven coaching style helped me better align my priorities with what I value.

Jilliana Antoniewicz

Clarity, Priorities, Action

Brad recognized potential obstacles or challenges before I did. Our discussions helped me to keep on track with my priorities and action plan.

Bob S.

Positive Change Framework

Brad has a gift that has enabled me to transform my life and thinking and I will be forever grateful.

Ron Willison

Leadership Skill

Brad’s expertise in compliance and fundraising issues has been invaluable.

Cathy Teal

Rediscovered Passion

I’m happy to have a sense of direction and milestones to reach this year.

Cristina Gregorio

Self-Discovery Journey

Brad’s powerful coaching methods impacted me greatly, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since fueled both my personal and professional life.

Judi Olivas