The Hummingbird Attitude

What is it about the hummingbird that captures our attention? How do these tiny creatures stir up such joyous, youthful emotions and excitement in even the most hardened of people? They’re enigmatic creatures, symbolic of love, joy, happiness, life, energy, and more, but there must be something deeper that holds […]


How to Change the World for the Better

Term: Spontaneous Collaborative Unanimity Definition: a group of strangers suddenly acting from unanimous emotional intelligence to help another person. Usage: I saw a beautiful act of spontaneous collaborative unanimity today when 3 people rushed to the side of a man having a seizure. This morning, I read a post about […]

The Importance of Kindness in Love

Kindness and respect can be nurtured in your romantic relationships at any stage. But it requires conscious effort.

The Intentional Leader: Learning from History

Transform your leadership capacity by making peace with the past. Be an intentional leader.

Turning the Page to 2018

December 31; the last day of our calendar year. Today is a great day to look back, reflect, smile, laugh, cry, or simply be present with what happened over the last year. It’s also a great time to give yourself some words of encouragement for the year ahead. We’re each […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you! I grew up celebrating Christmas with my family. As a kid, I learned that giving is the purpose of the season. But it was as an adult that I came to realize what that means and how much I appreciate giving to and for others. In […]

Redefining Gratitude

There’s no shortage of social media posts about gratitude – it’s that time of year. Gratitude comes easy in November, but what about February or August – how do you sustain it all year long? I’m a word nerd, so I did some quick internet research on the origins of […]

In Pursuit of the Greater Good

Lately I’ve noticed how easily I become distressed by the volatility in our social media posts. What starts as sincere conviction about a topic quickly digresses into personal insults or worse. Our humanity is both cause and effect for the way our conversations devolve into something unproductive. And we have […]

Making Good from Bad

Natural disasters, human-made disasters, and cancer. These are the things I’ve found myself in the midst of recently through no intention of my own. It sucks. It hurts. The events pile on relentlessly. Even in the midst of these tragedies playing out in my life, I find inspiration. With a […]

The Resolve to Be Better

My friend Steve stands out in a crowd. Partly because he’s 6’4”, but mostly because he’s gregarious and has an energy that attracts people. For all the years I’ve known him, he’s been a symbol to me of a thriving, healthy person. So it was difficult to read he has […]