Coaching to Manage Change

Big life events like changing jobs, marriage or divorce, or relocating create stress. Even small, positive change can push us to our limits to adapt. But coaching with emotional intelligence can help you respond to stress without losing your cool. I’m ready when you are!

Leadership Development

Leadership requires highly developed self-understanding, skills in troubleshooting emotional situations, and negotiating resolution quickly. Your staff look to you to set the standard in your actions, words, and attitudes. And you probably have high expectations of yourself. I’ve been in your shoes. So I’ll bring my hard-earned leadership knowledge to your coaching engagement and together, we can sharpen these skills and more.

…for Groups

Teams work better when they have strong relationship-building and communication skills. We can design a program that will allow them to work at the top of their game. Let’s create their shared success!

…for Organizations

Build the EQ of your entire staff with customized support and training by The Mission Coach. Whether your goal is to build their ability to work collaboratively, shift the culture of your office, or reduce turn-over, we’ll focus our training on skills to help them do what they do, better.

Curious about EQ coaching?

If you’re ready to sample what EQ coaching can do for you, schedule a 30-minute Exploration and Discovery call.