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…for Managing Change

Big life events like job promotions, marriage or divorce, or moving create stress. Even small, positive change can push you to your limits to adapt. But coaching which focuses on your strengths, passions, or emotional intelligence can help you manage stress without losing your cool. I’m ready when you are!

Leaders (Nonprofit or not)

The nonprofit sector is changing. Leaders can no longer be bound by perfectionism or exhausted by heroics in order to carry out their organization’s mission. They must recognize and draw on the strengths of their boards and staff in order to be good stewards of the organization’s human resources. And they must recognize the realities and issues that thwart their success. I call it Awakened Leadership, and it’s within reach for almost every nonprofit organization. Are you ready to be an awakened leader?

…for Groups

Teams work better when they have strong relationship-building and communication skills. We can design a program that will allow them to work at the top of their game. Let’s create their shared success!

…for Organizations

Develop potential among your entire staff with customized coaching and training by The Mission Coach. Whether your goal is to build their ability to work collaboratively, shift the culture of your office, or reduce turn-over, we’ll focus our training on skills to help them do what they do, better.

Curious about coaching?

If you’re ready to sample what coaching can do for you, schedule a 30-minute Exploration and Discovery call.

Worth Noting…

A study from the International Coach Federation (ICF) finds coaching works by generating learning and clarity to support forward action. In fact, 86% of companies that invest in coaching for their staff say they made at least their investment back in improved performance, better management, improved time management, and improved performance.

What my clients say…

Clarity, Priorities, Action

Brad recognized potential obstacles or challenges before I did. Our discussions helped me to keep on track with my priorities and action plan.

Bob S.

Rediscovered Passion

I’m happy to have a sense of direction and milestones to reach this year.

Cristina Gregorio

Leadership Skill

Brad’s expertise in compliance and fundraising issues has been invaluable.

Cathy Teal

Discovery, Support, Progress

Brad offered me support to understand my situation, and he spoke clearly and quietly to encourage me into my own discovery and to find solutions I was seeking.

Shann Carr

Self-Discovery Journey

Brad’s powerful coaching methods impacted me greatly, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since fueled both my personal and professional life.

Judi Olivas

Getting Unstuck

Brad’s insightful questions, curious and caring demeanor, and continued focus on what I wanted and needed in coaching were immensely helpful in getting me unstuck in some key areas of business development.

Peg Warren, PhD, WPCC
Know Bounds

Priorities and Values Aligned

Brad’s motivational, results-driven coaching style helped me better align my priorities with what I value.

Jilliana Antoniewicz

Positive Change Framework

Brad has a gift that has enabled me to transform my life and thinking and I will be forever grateful.

Ron Willison
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