Brad with a client

…to manage change

Big life events like job promotions, marriage or divorce, or moving create stress. Even small, positive change can push you to your limits to adapt. But coaching which focuses on your strengths, passions, or emotional intelligence can help you manage stress without losing your cool. I’m ready when you are!

…to awaken the leader within

The nonprofit sector is changing, as is almost every sector. Leaders can no longer be bound by perfectionism or exhausted by heroics in order to carry out their organization’s mission. They must recognize and draw on the strengths of their boards, staff, and volunteers in order to be good stewards of the organization’s human resources. And they must recognize the realities and issues that thwart their success. This is Awakened Leadership, and it’s within reach for almost every nonprofit organization. Are you ready to be an awakened leader?

…to connect with your core values

You make about 70 decisions a day. Often, those decisions are based on emotions or made without much connection to what matters. What would be different for you if your values guided your decision-making? You don’t have to wonder any longer! The Schwartz Values Framework is a great way to discover, connect to, and bring to life the values that make you, you. Discover your values and discover new ways to be your truest self. Take the Personal Values Assessment today!

…for groups

Teams work better when they have strong relationship-building and communication skills. We can design a program that will allow them to work at the top of their game. Let’s create their shared success!

…for organizations

Develop potential among your entire staff with team and individual coaching by The Mission Coach. Whether your goal is to build their ability to work collaboratively, shift the culture of your office, or reduce turn-over, we’ll focus on strengthening skills to help them do what they do, better.

Curious about coaching?
If you’re ready to see what coaching can do for you, schedule a 30-minute Exploration and Discovery call.

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