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Leadership Transition

Every organization goes through leadership transition at some point. And many do so without taking the time to assess what lies ahead and what leadership skills can take them there. Rather than guessing or gambling with this important decision, it may make sense to hire a skilled consultant to facilitate the transition with you. The organization’s future depends on it. I can facilitate your decision based on data and not emotion. Find out how!

Leadership Development

Leadership requires a highly developed understanding of yourself as well as skill in troubleshooting and negotiating situations where emotions run high. We can build a customized training plan for your emerging leaders so your organization can thrive now and in the future.


The nonprofit sector is under increasing pressure to collaborate. Strong, thriving collaborations help your staff focus on serving your clients, and may help reduce duplication of service while improving outcomes for your clients and the community. Let’s assess the environment where you operate with a collaboration check-up.


Life moves too quickly for a 3-5 year static strategic plan. To thrive in this environment, we need outcomes-driven, high-impact strategies that build your organization’s resilience and ability to respond to change. How can I help you?

Organizational Development

Succession planning is not a one-time activity, but a way of working that gives your organization strength and capacity. It’s easier than you may think to add succession planning while keep your operations running effectively and your staff engaged and performing well. I can show you how.

Organizational Emotional Intelligence

The emotional intelligence of an organization shows up in its culture, approach to learning, and tolerance for change. It takes more than robust training to keep your company’s EQ healthy – it requires careful planning and execution. Let’s get started today!

Values Alignment

Staff at all levels should know and connect to your company’s values. Small shifts in understanding can improve productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance. And it can help them feel more invested in their jobs by understanding what value their work supports. Contact me so we can help them do what they do, better.

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