Recognize the Good Around You

I declared 2020 to be my year of clarity. What’s coming into focus is I haven’t been good at recognizing my own contributions to my profession and to people beyond my spheres of influence. Fortunately, there are people out there who have done exactly that. They have picked up on something I’ve contributed or some work I’ve done and given me a moment of recognition. And I’m grateful I’ve caught their attention!

Someone noticed me. Now what?

I didn’t know I’d have any influence beyond the borders of the US, but technology has made that possible. However, last month, MSN Asia picked up one of my tips in a piece about sustaining a happy marriage: https://www.msn.com/en-xl/asia/life-arts/the-50-best-marriage-tips-of-all-time/ss-BBZ0qmU.

And earlier this month, Brandon from Life Coach Path interviewed me. He’s facilitating a series of conversations to help coaches in training understand what it’s really like to enter the profession of coaching. I’m honored to be among some distinguished folk in my profession. Find my interview at http://www.nationalcoachacademy.com/coach-interview-series-brad-ward.

Notice what people are doing around you!

I’m taking away from the experience of being noticed that it’s important to recognize others. I don’t have to be someone’s manager to offer a compliment or tell someone I appreciate their work. And if they feel as rewarded as I do by simply being recognized, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

I’ve seen how unexpected recognition or gratitude can change someone’s day for the better. So I’m challenging myself and you to make that a practice at least once a week. Rather than looking at my phone while I’m waiting in line, I can look around me for people going out of their way to do something kind or thoughtful. But it takes more than noticing, it takes recognizing the effort to the person doing it or to the person I’m there to see.

Imagine what the world would be like if a few people made the effort to notice and recognize the work of others. If you’re picturing a place you’d like to live, join me in watching for and calling out the unnoticed good you see around you. Even if you don’t return to that place, you’ll leave behind a positive experience for someone. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Bradley K. Ward, PCC is a leadership and transformational coach at The Mission Coach, LLC in Palm Springs, CA. Contact Brad to find out how coaching can help you do what you do, better!

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